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Two Men Making Gun Sounds
Woman Saying Sorry, Woman Saying Hey
Dad Smiling
Parrot Suite #1
Mom and Me Watching Zoolander
Etude #1
Monster Lip Sync

I look at the camera and say “I’m Sorry.” Each hard cut between “apologies” appears to be produced by the remote I’m pointing at the camera, its with its little red flash, and beep tone. The “apologies” proceed from forthright, possibly belligerent to abject begging. Fade to white. Same shot but now I am responding to myself, perhaps accepting the apology, perhaps not: “Hey,” I say, over and over again, with a hard cut between each iteration. The monosyllabic “Hey” becomes a multivalent, non-committal, non-statement when used for anything other than “hello.”

Woman Saying Sorry, Woman Saying Hey, 1996
Single channel video for pedestal installation. 4:22 TRT.