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Tender Habitat: Three works by Aernout Mik
Philosophy in the Bedroom
Play Mode
Squatting at Langton

Catalogue excerpt:
Re: Games Chirs Play
cc. Donald Barthelme, Lydia Davis, Francis Alys

Four individuals set up your four chairs twenty-four times in your studios for your camera and you. So I know that the chairs did not move themselves around supernaturally. But assuming they did, what were their motivations? Was it a tournament of “Imitate the Humans,” with rounds of Chinese Acrobats, Matador, Obligatory Family Photo, Ass Fetish, Dinner Party, Top Model, and Shy Peoples’ Anonymous?

Play Mode
Works by Evan Holloway, Stan Douglas, Ana Mendieta,
Lutz Bacher, Francis Alys, Bia Gayotto
The Art Gallery, U.C. Irvine, and John Paul Slusser Gallery,
School of Art and Design, University of Michigan.
1998 and 1999