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Issue Two of The Thing Quarterly, by Anne Walsh, is a solid rubber wedge with a letter written to Tennis Star Billie Jean King set into the top of the wedge. The letter was written by a very young Anne Walsh. Issue includes a list of ways that the wedge can be used.

Sept 20, 1973

Dear Billie Jean King,

I hope you get this letter. I think you are really great.

My family and I watched you play on tv tonight. We saw you beat Bobby Riggs in 3 sets. WOW. You won! I am really, really excited.

I am not an aspiring tennis player, But you are my inspiration because you are so strong. You are so passionate about equality for girls and women. You won that match for me and for everyone who cares about women's lib.'Thank.ou. You are so great.

Keep on fighting!

The Thing

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The box that The Thing Quarterly subscribers received in the mail.

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Billie Jean King at home holding The Thing, 2013.